Well, it's been a while...

It has been nearly five months since our last post, and a lot has changed since then. Through October and November we grieved the disruption of Louisa's adoption. In November we were presented with another opportunity to adopt twins, but after meeting their mom and awesome foster parents, we felt that the boys were already in such a wonderful environment that we didn't want to disrupt that.

In January, unsure of what adoption was going to look like in the future, we decided to seriously look into buying a house. Spencer and I have spent the last seven years in apartments, never feeling like it was the right time to step out and buy a house. This time, knowing that our rent has continued to increase into "Stupid Expensive" territory, we contacted an agent and, within three days, were under contract on our first house! The process was crazy fast and crazy easy, and we felt God's hand on all of it as we found a house, under our budget, on over half an acre, updated, and right in the area we wanted to be in. cool is that? It made me so thankful for all of the times that we didn't listen to our own thoughts or the opinions of others, and we bought a house in HIS timing. It has felt like such a genuine gift.

Because God loves to work in His own way, less than a week before we closed on our house, we got a call from Building Arizona Families that we had been chosen AGAIN by a mom in Phoenix. This super sweet mom is due with a GIRL in the middle of July. Spencer and I had to laugh at the timing of it all.

So, we find ourselves here again, in the waiting and wondering and hoping, and the not-sure-how-to-process-these-emotions state, trying to trust God in light of the last two heartbreaks. If our family comes to mind, please continue to pray for us as we build a relationship with Mama J, and navigate all of the emotions that comes with this process. Please pray especially for Ellie. She is really excited about having a sibling, especially a little sister, and I don't know what I am going to do if she has to also walk through that heartbreak with us again. She is so ready to not be an only child and the Mom Guilt of her being one has been really hard.

As always, we are SO thankful for each and every one of you all and how you have continued to pray for and bless us. We love you guys!

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