So...we don't have anything hugely new to report, but time does seem to be flying by! We applied for our first grant and have a list of others that we are looking to potentially apply for. We got an email this morning checking in on how we are doing and letting us know that we won't be on the waiting list too much longer. That news is exciting and terrifying as it becomes more real that we will (Lord-willing) be bringing a new baby home soon. We are excited, especially Ellie, who wants a sister named Raisin or Rayden and has asked me more than once, "When is Miss. Cheri (who did our home study) going to be bringing the baby?"

We do have a number of prayer requests this month, specifically for physical healing in our home. Ellie has been sick a couple of times this month and is currently on topical steroids to try to get rid of this random skin thing she has had for the past month and a half. Because Ellie and I are together a lot, sharing germs and what-not, I have also been getting sick, and have had some sore throat, cold virus thing that has been keeping me in its grasp for a month. My immune system has taken a number of hits as I have battled being sick off and on since June, and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, if you could take a few moments to lift Ellie and I up in a prayer of healing, that would be wonderful!

Is Spencer sick, you may ask? Nope. Homeboy's immune system is as strong as an ox. However, grad school has been stressful this semester and he just completed an exam that took him 20 hours. Please pray for perseverance and rest for him as he finishes out the rest of his semester.

In more fun news, Ellie is excited for Halloween this year! This is the first year that she understands the concept of dressing up and she has been watching Curious George Halloween once a day, acting out scenes from the movie and looking for No Noggin when we go outside. She even wants us to kick a ball cap off her head just like No Noggin would. It's both adorable and hilarious. For Halloween this year she wanted to be Owlette from PJ Masks and I found a package with masks, capes and wrist bands for each of the three characters on the show so that we can all be PJ Masks together. She has asked about them every day since I ordered them from Amazon, and when they came yesterday we had so much fun being superheroes and running around the living room. If you asked me 10 years ago if I could ever picture myself wearing a Catboy mask, cape and wristband while I made PB&J sandwiches for my two year old, I would have chuckled. It's fun being a parent!

Ellie as Owlette!

As far as fundraising, we are not planning any additional fundraisers, but we are still accepting donations. If you or someone you know feels the Lord leading you to give, we would be beyond grateful! Our overall goal is to raise $18,000, but our next financial milestone is $5,500 which will be needed 48 hours after we become active and $1,000 more within 24- hours after being matched.

We are accepting donations via Venmo and PayPal, and can private message our address if sending something directly is easier. You can find the links to Venmo and PayPal under "Fundraising Progress" on our main blog menu or simply click their names above.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you, for keeping up with our updates and for your prayers. We are excited to continue sharing more with you, especially how the Lord has had each step of this process planned since the beginning of time, and we now get to see it, experience it, and share about it all with you!


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