The Final Stretch!

I am so excited to write the words "final stretch!" Tomorrow, Cheri from Hope for Adoption, comes over to inspect our home and then we will be DONE with our part of the home study! We have finished all of the questions and tests, fingerprinting and appointments. After tomorrow, we will be completely in the waiting stage, approved (hopefully!) and ready to meet the birth mama of our sweet little baby.

If you have a minute, we would love you to read the new prayer requests on our site and visit our campaign page. We will not be doing any other fundraisers, but are in prayer that the Lord will provide through grants and any individuals that feel the Lord is calling them to give. If you can join us in praying for our new requests in addition to provision in His time, we would greatly appreciate it.

We love you all and are so thankful for each and every person visiting our site and praying for us.

I look forward to updating you all soon!



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