Starting the Process

"We are adopting!" It is a phrase that I have found myself saying over and over again but it wasn't until this week that it started to become and feel real. A week ago today, we mailed in our intro application to Quiver Full Adoptions in Greenville, South Carolina. We had spent the night before, sitting outside of a Starbucks, praying and going through all of the pages, signing on all of the dotted lines and getting everything in order. We sent the paperwork off on Saturday morning and fully prepared to wait for a while before we heard anything back. Imagine our surprise when, on Monday, they said that they received our application and were sending a detailed questionnaire that needed to be filled out before continuing the process. We spent that night individually filling out questions about how we plan to parent, our strengths and weaknesses, what our struggles are, and how we are going to provide for another child. Once we completed the forms, we sent them back and were told that they would meet together as a team, pray together, and get back to us in two weeks....they contacted us TWO DAYS later and said that our application was approved and that we were now on the waiting list to become active clients. It was at that moment I realized that this was it. We were actually doing this thing.

Today, we have spent our evening filling out page after page of page for our home study and have been getting more excited (and slightly overwhelmed) to continue on in this process. We are so excited that you all have signed on to join our journey. We would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to pray for this process, that we are faithful and continue on diligently, and for provision along the way.

Look at that pretty paperwork...and new printer! No more trips to Kinko's!

Our formerly neat stacks of paper are now one step closer to being a finished home study!

Looking for a way to support our adoption? Check out our fundraising campaigns link and buy a shirt! Or if you would like to do a direct donation, we can accept them via Venmo or via good ol' snail mail, just send us a message and we will give you our mailing address!


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