Home Study Update

WE ARE DONE WITH OUR HOME STUDY!! I am so relieved to be able to type that! It feels so good to have finished something in the adoption process. I do have to say though, completing the home study was not as painful as I had built up in my head. While there was a lot of running around, gathering background checks, fingerprints, rabies shots (for the cats...haha!), and physical exams, once those things had been gathered, we really just had to sit back and wait for her to come to our home. I cannot say enough good things about Cheri from Hope for Adoption. She was kind, knowledgeable, and very prompt. he were astounded at how quickly she completed our study, and she was always available to answer questions if we had them.

One of the things we did in preparation of her visiting our home is finally finish cleaning out and organizing our closets and rooms. I thought that I had gotten rid of and donated considerable amounts of clothing and home items we no longer needed, but this round of cleaning really showed me just how much of a hoarder I can be. Although it was a lot of work, it was fun to get things cleaned and start organizing some baby items. We even took the crib and Pack and Play out, just to get an idea of where things would go, and we took pictures just to have on hand should a birth mother want to see pictures of our home. I decided to add them to this post because it is exciting to see baby items put up, and this will probably be the last time for a while that our whole home is clean at the same time because....Ellie. Also, I love sneak-peeks into other peoples' homes, so this is for all of you out there that like the same!

Now that our home study is done, the next step will be to begin applying for grants and waiting. We will be waiting to hear back from the places we apply to for grants, and we will continue to wait for more news on when we will move ahead within Quiver Full. Continued prayers for provision and stamina would be much appreciated!

We are thankful for you all!


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