And Your Lucky Number Is.......

Normally I would say, "Welcome to your monthly update!"...but, it's been a tad longer than a month. February and March seemed to fly by, so much so that I can't seem to remember what in the world we did! What I do know however, is that the beautiful weather and it being lighter longer has allowed us to spend more time together as a family, going to Marietta Square, spending time at the park, letting Ellie ride her new scooter, etc., that I have felt refreshed and my spirit uplifted. Spring has a way of doing that. [Spring also has a way of making you sneeze, cry, and your eyes swell shut...but you know, semantics.]

In February, Quiver Full decided to put their wait list online on the first of every month. February 1st saw Spencer and I looking down the list to find our family number and seeing ourselves as number 16. On the first of March we were overjoyed to find that we had moved up two spots to number 14. Even though I had been waiting all of March in nervous anticipation for April 1st, wondering what number we were going to be, on the actual day I felt more negative and pessimistic. While moving up two spots last month seemed so promising, I realized that if we moved up two spots each month, we would still be on the waiting list much longer than I anticipated. So when the list was posted, I told Spencer over the phone that I was too afraid to look, that if we had only moved up two or three spots, I was going to be really frustrated. But alas, look I did.

So on April 1st, as I slid my cursor down the list of numbers, there it was....we were now....NUMBER 6!! We moved up eight spots over the course of a month. My sigh was a mixture of relief and nervousness, now realizing that we could potentially be off the waiting list by the first of May. I excitedly told my mom and sister, finally feeling like this was all becoming a reality.

So imagine our surprise when, today on Ellie's third birthday, we got an email telling us that we are OFF OF THE WAITING LIST AND ARE NOW APPROVED ACTIVE CLIENTS!!!

I called Spencer, shocked. We were sixth in line only TWO days ago!

So my friends, we are excited to announce that we are currently active clients and can be chosen by birth parents at any point in time! That means we could get matched as soon as tomorrow or it could be a year or longer. And while the thought of continuing to wait for some unspecified moment in time is still daunting and exhausting, knowing that we are in a place where a birth mother might choose US and where we will hopefully get the opportunity to love her well and build a relationship with her, makes things so much more concrete. It also means that we need to get cracking on getting things ready, even if it is in the most basic sense.

This is such exciting news and we are so honored that we get to share it all with those of you who read this blog and visit our website. We appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and the donations that we have received. We have been so blessed and in awe of the way that God has already provided for us, giving us three-quarters of the money we unexpectedly needed today to go forward in our adoption.

We are thankful for you all and would appreciate your continued prayers as we continue on this journey. We know that we are sitting down in a car marked "unknown," heading up the first hill of what is sure to be quite the emotional roller coaster. Not only do we covet your prayers, but there is a young mom out there who may already find herself pregnant and scared, not sure what to do or who to turn to. Please pray for her, that her heart will open to the Gospel and that if she chooses us, that we will love her well, putting our egos and fleshly desires aside to serve and love her.

If you would like to get involved in other ways, below we have a list of things that you can do or share with your friends if anyone you know has a heart for adoption.

We love you all! Please don't hesitate to send us your prayer requests as we want you to feel as loved and encouraged as we have.


Friends of ours are hosting a garage sale on our behalf on Saturday, April 13th in Woodstock. If you have any gently used items you want to donate or more details on attending our garage sale, please send me an email at


If you are interested in purchasing a "Declare His Glory" shirt, please CLICK HERE. The current campaign is closing in three days, but if there is interest in the shirts, I will reopen the campaign after the current one is sent to print.


CLICK HERE for our links to our PayPal, Venmo and tax-deductible giving sites.


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