An Update...Finally!

It has been quite a while since our last post where we shared our exciting news about being chosen by a mom in Arizona. While it has still been exciting, we quickly began to see how God was taking our adoption expectations and flipping them upside-down and shaking them up. Two or three days after we received the call that we had been chosen, we got another call telling us that Little One's mom had gone to an ultrasound appointment and the doctor saw some issues with the baby's kidneys. All of us being unsure as to the prognosis, our adoption was put on hold while we all waited to get more information from a specialist.

Two weeks later, Little One's mom went to the specialist who told her that there seem to be cysts on both of the kidneys and the full extent of the issues won't be known until after the baby is born. We were all faced with the reality that the baby could be born with significant health needs. As you can imagine, Little One's mom was devastated. Imagine going through nearly eight months of pregnancy thinking that everything is totally fine and normal, only to be told that there are issues present and that no one is really going to know how significant they are until after the baby is born. She was and is very upset and broken over the diagnoses.

Hearing the news has thrown us into the front seat of an emotional roller coaster. We are broken for Little One's mom, who already has been working through all of the emotions that come with possibly placing your baby for adoption, and now she is processing the fact that her baby will not be born perfectly healthy as so many other babies are. We are also struggling with so many of the unknowns: When will the baby be born? How will we be able to get everything ready at a moment's notice? How long will we have to be in Arizona? Two weeks? Three? And through all of this we have also tried not to get too attached to the idea of bringing the baby home because we know that this little one is HERS until she again chooses us to bring the baby home. We want to be excited, even with all of the unknowns health-wise, but we want to protect our hearts as well, knowing that so many things can change. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are here to love Little One's mom FIRST, to be her advocate and to make sure that she feels empowered to make the decisions that she believes are best for her baby.

Will you be praying with us? Here are a few ways that you can specifically be praying for our family, Little One, and Mama:

1. For the miraculous healing of the baby, and if that is something that does not happen, that the baby will be born safely and not have any life-threatening complications

2. For Little One's mom as she is processing so many different emotions. Please pray that she experiences the grace of the Gospel, peace, and love as she walks through this process

3. For me as I tweak my anxiety medication and deal with the downswing of anxiety as a result. It is difficult to be struggling with anxiety as well as the emotions that come from the adoption process.

4. For Ellie's heart as we walk this road. I am really worried that seeing her (potential) sibling in the hospital, possibly the NICU or going home without the baby might have damaging effects on her.

5. For provision while we are out there: for a good Airbnb that is flexible with the fact that we don't know how long we will be out there.

6. For Spencer as he works extra hours in preparation for an extended stay

7. For all of the things we aren't even aware of that we should be praying for

We appreciate all of you who have walked this journey with us. It has been HUGE to see the Body of Christ surround us through prayer, financial provision, and words of encouragement. We have been blown away by everything and are excited to see how God is going to work throughout this month!

We love you guys!

The Senermans

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