An Update...FINALLY!

Well, needless to say, an update is long overdue! We have been fully immersed in the Home Study process, and I am happy to say that we are 3/4 of the way through with it! If you had told me exactly how in-depth this part of the process is, I might have wept softly...just a little bit. So far, we have had our first meeting with Cheri from Hope for Adoption who is conducting our study. She spent time going through all of the paperwork that we had completed and gave us guidance on where to go next. From there, I have gotten fingerprinted, background checked, tested for HIV, drugs, and TB, and Spencer is up next for that royal treatment. Before we are officially finished, Ellie will get her physical exam (minus all of the delightful pricks and pokes), the kitten will need her rabies shot, and we need to have taxes and other personal information printed and copied. We are so, so close!!

The next time we meet with Cheri, she will be inspecting out home! While I know it is a relatively simple inspection, it has inspired me to get rid of and organize all-of-the-things, which is both fun and overwhelming as I am faced with just how much stuff we have held onto over the past five years of marriage. Cleaning has also given me a drive to redecorate a little bit, and having found an old curtain rod and curtains hidden in our closet (haha), I hung them in Ellie's (and the new baby's!!) room. Now I want to go to Target and buy cute things, but my husband...and my wallet, have proved to be great reminders to take things slow and steady. There will be plenty of time for that as we get further along in the process.


We are also so incredibly thankful for all of you who have bought a t-shirt! We have sold 15 shirts and have made $125 so far! Thank you all so, so much!

If you are interested in supporting our t-shirt campaign, there are 6 days left before our first round of orders close out! Click HERE to order!

All finished with the TB and blood tests!

Hanging up curtains yesterday! I have also reorganized the room since this photo....I need help...haha!


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